What Are Property Loss Consultants?

Property loss consultants are professionals that practice in assisting attorneys, insurance adjusters and property owners in evaluating the scope of potential exposure to losses relating to natural or man-made events of a home or business.
Our litigation and appraisal support team has been practicing in the field of property loss for over 15 years! We have the knowledge and experience to assist your law firm or company in property insurance claim estimates, loss documentation, property damage consulting, as well as damage appraisals.
How Our Litigation & Appraisal Support Team Can Help You

At Florida’s Best Public Adjusters, our team uses cutting edge technology to provide the most accurate loss documentation. Our team uses the latest technology, including drones and high-end imaging equipment  to access and document damages to your clients home or place of business. The technology our team utilizes allows us to document a complete and clear description of damages in the most complex or precarious of environments.
You rely on us so that your clients can rely on you! Our goal is to provide the most accurate and efficient loss consulting services each and every time. Our team provides the highest level of property loss consultations so that you can fight for your clients. Because of the tedious and effective property loss documentation our team provides, you’re able to get the maximum return on your clients insurance claims.
What Types Of Property Loss Consulting We Provide

From property damage estimating, to appraisals and on-site visits, you can rely on us to provide you with quick, precise, and effective property loss consulting services. With over 15 years of experience in the industry our team routinely provides the best property damage estimates to ensure maximum recovery for the insured.
For the best property loss consulting services from property damage estimating, to appraisal assistance for attorneys and on-site visits to meet insurance adjusters, engineers, and more, contact the experts at Florida’s Best Public Adjusters today!
Property Loss Consultant