Denied Claims

Insurance companies are known for delaying and denying claims and the legal process to get them to pay is complex. As attorneys, you are well aware of how technical and time-consuming this can be.  Additionally, your clients are under considerable stress especially if they have denied claims.  Property damage is costly and affects how people live and work as well as their emotional well-being.

In order for you to get your clients the best possible outcomes for their denied claims, you need to be able to substantiate loss values. The best way to get accurate information is by engaging professional adjusters and appraisers to leverage the expertise of industry professionals.  We not only evaluate the loss but will also provide your team advice as to how to approach the cases on which you are working.

Qualified public adjusters and appraisers will take the following steps to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding damages.

Steps Taken to Avoid Denied Claims

Schedule an Inspection: To facilitate a timely visit for both your client and our adjuster.

View the Property: Shortly after scheduling, the adjuster will visit the property to view the damage in person.  While there, property measurement and damage assessments will be made. During the assessment process, adjusters will document the damage by room, making sure to include even the smallest details.  They will also photograph all areas – as we know, pictures often speak louder than words.

Prepare an Estimate: Our adjuster will leverage technology to produce an accurate estimate that reflects the cost of restoring your client’s property to its pre-loss condition.

Working with a litigation and appraisal firm that is sensitive to timing is critical. You need to have inspections and estimates completed in a timely manner. You need reports of the results as soon as possible.  This information is key to your case and you want to have as much time as possible to leverage it.

As attorneys, you understand the value professionals with specialized experience can bring to any situation. An established litigation and appraisal firm can be your most important asset when litigating insurance claims. The reports we create combined with the advice we provide will help you help your clients have their claims paid. This will allow your clients to move forward with their lives.

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