Law is a profession that sees its fair share of glamor in courtroom dramas and crime shows. However, ask any lawyer and they’ll tell you that the reality is far from the dramatization. While working as a legal professional can be an incredibly rewarding role, there are many common issues that lawyers report as being a tough part of working at a law firm.

Lawyers Have a Long Work Week/Work Hours

Anyone aspiring to be a lawyer of any sort is warned of the long hours ahead of them. It’s true, according to the BLS, the majority of lawyers work over 40 hours a week—and that is an understatement. Working long hours is a fact of life for many professions, and unfortunately, the longer the hours you work the more difficult basic tasks become.

Numerous studies show overwork is highly inefficient if we consider the output per hour. Individuals can focus for a set period of time, for a certain amount a week—roughly, when we begin to exceed those amounts, the likelihood of making mistakes increases greatly and it costs us more time to go back and fix minor errors.

This piece in the Harvard Business Review does a great job of summarizing many of these negative aspects of working long hours.

Lawyers often have long work hours on average, but these are made even worse during crunch periods when deadlines approach, such as for attorneys dealing with homeowners insurance claims. There are many people who wish to dispute with their insurance company after a storm has occurred because of unfair settlements or undervaluations.

High Stress and Accompanying Issues

Speaking of long work hours, they lead to stress! Stress is the silent killer, you’ve heard that expression before. It may not be so silent nowadays, as we become more aware as a society of the tremendously negative effects of maintaining a high cortisol state over a long period of time.

The ABA (American Bar Association) continues to look into the effect of the current work practices for lawyers and their effects on impairment, mental health, and the increasing prevalence of mental health issues in the legal field.

Spending too Much Time on Clerical Work

Paperwork has become a large burden in many industries such as the healthcare field. Law has not been spared in this either, as the amount of paperwork needed for even basic cases can take up a lot of time to gather, audit, and prepare for a case.

It is the unfortunate reality that many law firms are overworked and also understaffed, which results in many attorneys having to pick up slack during busy periods when deadlines are nearing.

Outsourcing Litigation Support is a Solution

All of these issues listed have one thing in common, they can be mitigated through outsourcing your litigation support.

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With our expert appraisal and concise estimates that have been honed by countless cases in the field, you can rest assured that you will be bringing the most accurate information to the case.

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