Fire Claims

Property owners whose lives have been impacted by fire are likely under considerable pressure. They are battling their property insurance companies.  Along with trying to accept, manage, and overcome their substantial losses.

Of course, as an attorney, this should not come as a surprise to you. In fact, you probably have considerable experience helping clients manage their claims. Of course, you work hard to get them the settlements they need and deserve.

  • Your goals may be simple to articulate. Achieving them can be challenging. Insurance companies consistently reject and underpay claims. They want to improve profitability. These actions often result in lawsuits. Where the information needed to affect reasonable reimbursement is considerable.

Litigation And Appraisal Support

That is where the assistance of litigation and appraisal support professionals can make a difference. Of course, we will leverage the combination of our insurance and construction industry experience, to help win the case.

Undoubtedly, a fire will cause total destruction. This means that the property is beyond repair. You will need to file a total loss insurance claim. When a fire does not completely ruin a property, it doesn’t mean the damage is minor. Even small fires can result in costly property and smoke damage.

Of course, the expense of repair and replacement for fire and smoke-damaged properties are considerable. Representing your clients can be challenging. Insurance companies simply don’t want to absorb these costs.

Engaging litigation and appraisal professionals who are well-versed in the insurance claims process for fire damage will bring value to your clients.

Your clients have likely already had a visit from an insurance company adjuster. Relying solely on the insurance company’s inspector can be a mistake. The review these insurance companies conduct may be less than thorough. When engaging with an outside litigation and appraisal company to visit the property, we will identify the cause of the loss. We will prepare a full thorough repair estimate.

Winning fire Claims

Winning insurance lawsuits relies heavily upon identifying and proving damage. This is something litigation and appraisal professionals can help do. The value of the services we can bring to your case or claim is considerable.

When negotiating fire claims for your clients, litigation and appraisal professionals can:

  • Assist in the review of property insurance policies
  • Inspect, identify and categorize damage – in the way the insurance companies need to see it.
  • Prove damage and substantiate repair and replacement costs

All in all, we can help you prove your cases. We can increase your clients’ claims amount. And, of course, expedite the insurance claims process. The value we provide is significant and can help you enhance your clients’ satisfaction.

Stephen Lippy, who leads our firm, has been deemed an “expert” in his field by the courts. His evidence is often the proof the courts need. To find in favor of individuals in their insurance company litigation suits.

Of course, reach out to our firm today. We can help you provide value to your clients. We are strong team members. Litigation and Support professionals are committed to helping insurance attorneys win their cases.