Stephen Lippy, Our Expert Witness, Can Help Your Clients

Getting your clients the property insurance settlement they need and deserve is your ultimate goal as a 1st party attorney. Of course, you work tirelessly for them, helping to negotiate and, when necessary, litigate. Stephen Lippy, owner of our firm and an expert witness, can help prove the extent of the damage to your client’s property and share the appropriate cost to repair and/or replace. His testimony plays a critical role in winning your cases.


What Is an Expert Witness?

Of course, if you are unable to reach a settlement during the negotiation phase, you may need to move to litigation. At this point, presenting testimony from the right witness can make a considerable difference in the award your client receives.

As you know, there are two types of witnesses in litigation. Fact witnesses are those who may be involved in the proceedings or may have seen the event at issue.  Expert witnesses are individuals with a specific skill set, knowledge, training, education, or base of experience that is related to the case.

Stephen Lippy, our owner, has been declared an expert witness by the courts. Mr. Lippy’s testimony will be useful in proving your side of the case. 
Florida’s Best Public Adjusters Owner, Stephen Lippy, Can Provide Expert Witness Testimony


At Florida’s Best Public Adjusters, we have the litigation and appraisal experience necessary to help you win your cases.  Our owner, Stephen Lippy, has 10 years of professional experience as a public adjuster in Florida. In his professional career, he has investigated more than 30,000 claims. And, over the past 10 years, he has adjusted, appraised, and acted as a litigation support consultant for more than 9,000 claims. It was this experience, skill, ability, and professional reputation that the court system used when declaring him an expert witness.

When you go to trial, Mr. Lippy can testify on your client’s behalf.  He will leverage his significant experience to help prove your case.

What Mr. Lippy Can Do For You

As an expert witness, Mr. Lippy can help review your case materials. He can investigate and research the damage and also advise on case strategy. When necessary,  he can also review extensive materials relevant to the case.

In all cases, he is prepared to provide a report that outlines his testimony, shares his extensive qualifications, and ultimately testify at trial.

Because of Mr. Lippy’s significant experience as a public adjuster, he is uniquely qualified to opine on property damage cases as an expert witness.


His confidence is evident in the manner in which he communicates and he provides clear and easy-to-understand information. Furthermore, his testimony can be critical in getting your client the settlement they need.

Mr. Lippy will be an asset to you as you negotiate with the insurance company on your clients’ behalf. If the case comes to trial, our expert witness testimony will be incredibly valuable.