Underpaid Fire Claims

As an insurance attorney, you know, how complicated fire claims can be. Your clients are likely engaged in a bitter conflict with their property insurance company. They are fighting for a settlement. That will adequately cover the losses they have experienced. This should allow them to repair and rebuild to their pre-loss condition. They need to be appropriately compensated. In order to move forward with their lives after such a tremendous tragedy.

Our litigation and appraisal support professionals during this time can be incredibly valuable to you. As you strive to help your clients get what they need and deserve. We have both insurance and construction industry experience. Thus, we know how to accurately identify and quantify fire-related damage. We also understand what insurance companies want to see.  Of course, we will help ensure all documentation is appropriate.

Below is some important information you can share with your clients. For those who have had a fire impact their lives.

Be Thorough

Fire damage is considerable. It can devastate a home or business. It also proves ruinous to the owners’ personal belongings. In addition to the damage caused by the fire itself, the condition of the property can be impacted by the smoke from the fire and the water used to put it out. When documenting the damage and calculating repair costs, getting multiple bids for repairs is wise. Should get at least two, or three if you can. You are going to have to prove, to your insurance company, what the actual cost will be.

Focus on the Big Picture

Have your clients wait to begin repairs or replacements. Should wait even for cleaning. Need to have a formalized plan settled with their insurance company first. Insist that nothing be removed from the property. They need to maintain control. Unfortunately, their settlement can be reduced. If they try to fix or clean items on their own. This can be particularly difficult if the fire was catastrophic. Your client may literally not have access to any of their personal belongings. Make sure they know that they can request an advancement on their settlement. This allows them to purchase the essentials. Any funds provided will be subtracted from their final settlement. Of course, this money is necessary to help them survive.

Document Losses Carefully For Underpaid Fire Claims

Fires move fast. They can ruin everything in their path. In order to be appropriately compensated for their losses, your clients will have to do two important things. First, document all of the property they have lost in their home or business. They should start a list.  Of course, they need to describe each item. Need to include its price and its purchase date. Additionally, the insurance company will require proof of ownership. Credit card bills and receipts can be incredibly valuable. Which can be pulled from online systems.

Be Organized and Responsible

Sometimes it seems easier to make a call. But communicating in writing is best. If your client does speak with an insurance company representative, suggest they send a follow-up email. Of course, with details of the conversation. These records can be critical. Additionally, they need to set up a system. To save all receipts and documents after the fire. Finally, remind them to continue to pay their insurance premiums. It is likely there will be workers on site.  Of course, the liability coverage they have is critical. It is to protect their future.

Filing a property claim for damage from a fire is quite an undertaking. As an attorney, you know that insurance companies are likely to decline and underpay. The tips shared above can help you help your client get an appropriate settlement. That said, these claims can be incredibly complicated. Of course, and time-consuming. Engaging litigation and support professionals can help improve the settlement your clients will receive.