During Mediation – Supporting Law Firms and Their Clients 

Are you working hard to settle a residential or commercial property insurance case? Are you planning to go to mediation? If you said yes, you are not alone. Countless insurance attorneys are knee-deep in lawsuits trying to resolve underpaid or declined property insurance claims for their clients. 

 Insurance agents are paid to encourage policyholders to accept the minimum. They do so knowing that won’t cover the costs of repairs. Complicated filing policies combined with less than thorough inspections often leave property owners angry and frustrated. Property damage can be expensive to manage.  They need their insurance settlements to cover the costs associated with repairing their homes or places of business. When they don’t, they call you.

Mediation Clauses

In many cases, insurance policies have mediation clauses, also known as alternative dispute resolution (ADR).  During mediation, the insurance company and the property owner each select a mediator, a professional, whose job it is to help the two parties come to a mutually agreed-upon settlement. 

Critical to this process is having a complete and thorough understanding of the damage to the property as well as the costs necessary to repair it.  This is where a public adjuster can be of value. These certified professionals will inspect the property, looking carefully to identify not only visible damage but also issues that may lie below the surface.  You want to engage professionals experienced working in Florida, as events here can cause unique property damage. The appraiser will not only take copious notes but will also photograph the damage so the mediators can see exactly where issues exist. Finally, these professionals can leverage industry-specific software to provide an estimate for the repairs – critical information to provide to the mediators.

Your goal as an attorney is to provide advice and counsel as well as reliable proof for your clients’ mediation. A public adjuster can help you do that. Mediation experts can help your legal team get a more significant award for your client.

Our professionals have decades of experience working in Florida and know exactly what insurance mediators need to see. If you are working with a client heading to a property insurance mediation, contact Florida’s Best Public Adjusters, Litigation and Support Professionals today at 1-800-952-7693.  We have offices throughout the state and are ready to work on your client’s behalf immediately.