First Party Appraisals – Litigation and Appraisal Support

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First Party Appraisals Insurance companies regularly deny and underpay claims. Unfortunately for their clients, their loyalties are to their bottom lines, not their policyholders. As an attorney, you know this to be true. Of course, it's up to you to establish the occurrence caused the damage to your client's property and the compensation asked. First

Underpaid Claims – Litigation and Appraisal Support

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Underpaid Claims Dealing with insurance companies. Can anything be more frustrating? In a perfect world, policyholders would submit their claims, the insurance companies would pay them, and everyone would move on. Unfortunately, the world is not perfect. And, as an attorney, you know how often property damage claims are underpaid. The settlements offered by the

Denied Claims – Litigation and Appraisal Support

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Denied Claims Insurance companies are known for delaying and denying claims and the legal process to get them to pay is complex. As attorneys, you are well aware of how technical and time-consuming this can be.  Additionally, your clients are under considerable stress especially if they have denied claims.  Property damage is costly and affects

What Are Property Loss Consultants?

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What Are Property Loss Consultants? Property loss consultants are professionals that practice in assisting attorneys, insurance adjusters and property owners in evaluating the scope of potential exposure to losses relating to natural or man-made events of a home or business. Our litigation and appraisal support team has been practicing in the field of property loss

Stephen Lippy Qualifies As Expert Witness!

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What Is An Expert Witness?   There are two types of witnesses in litigation cases, expert witnesses and fact witnesses. Expert witnesses are different from fact witnesses as they are not called to testify in court because of their prior involvement.  Expert witnesses testify because they have particular knowledge, skill set, experience, training, or education

Case Outcomes Rest on Choosing an Experienced Appraiser

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The best way for legal professionals to manage their time and introduce more efficiency into their workflow is to outsource their litigation and appraisal needs to a qualified party that can offer quick turnaround and excellent work. The accuracy of an appraiser’s valuation is a critical aspect of any case regarding property damage such as

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