The best way for legal professionals to manage their time and introduce more efficiency into their
workflow is to outsource their litigation and appraisal needs to a qualified party that can offer quick
turnaround and excellent work. The accuracy of an appraiser’s valuation is a critical aspect of any case
regarding property damage such as storm, fire, water damage, etc.

Accurate Valuation is Critical to the Appraisal Process

Property damage claims that cannot be settled through the normal means may go into appraisal if such
a clause is invoked. As attorneys will know, an appraiser is an impartial party chosen by each side to
evaluate the claim and provide an evaluation on the loss that is being discussed.

Of course, valuation is the duty that an insurance appraiser is selected to provide, and so the accuracy of
that person’s valuation can truly make or break claims for an attorney’s client. However, accuracy is the
keyword here. Not all claims have full-merit and some claims that are being pushed to be fought may at
best, end with a subpar outcome. How can this be prevented? Experience.

Choosing an Experienced Insurance Appraiser

An experienced appraiser is someone that not only understands the claims process front to back, but is
also one that is up to date on the current market value of objects typically subject to claims and what
contractors charge to fix them. Having this knowledge base is important when making a fair valuation
and deciding if what is being offered is truly fair.

An insurance appraiser will know when a battle is hard-fought and likely not to be won, advising
attorneys on such cases are equally important as other duties.

Florida’s Best Public Adjusters has ample experience throughout the state of Florida with a myriad of
different claims, policies, and types of loss. For this reason, we have provided litigation support and
appraisal assistance to several law firms seeking an experienced and qualified party to handle
inspections and all of the work they entail.

Our efforts have assisted attorneys with creating the most favorable outcomes for their trial.

Florida Litigation Support and Appraisals

Our Litigation Support Division lends their talents to law firms and attorneys, many of which have heavy
caseloads to contend with.

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