Why is Florida’s Best Public Adjusters the Best Choice for Litigation Support?

The insurance claims process is always a challenge. It is not surprising that quite often individuals and organizations are unable to reach an appropriate settlement with their insurance company and they end up in litigation. We are the best choice for litigation support in Florida. 

As a first party attorney, it is your job to help your clients get the best possible settlements, ones that appropriately compensate them for their losses. Engaging litigation and appraisal support professionals can help you do just this. That said, you don’t want to work with just anyone. The litigation and support team at Florida’s Public Adjusters has a unique set of qualifications that help make them the absolute best choice.

Experts In Insurance Policies

First, we know insurance inside and out. When we work with you and your client we will conduct an in-depth review of the insurance policies at hand. You see, each policy is unique; damage covered under one policy may be excluded in another. But, the language regarding this is often technical and complex. We know how to read policies!

Then, our team will determine if the damage sustained is actually a covered expense. If not, you can talk to your client, withdraw the suit and cut your losses. You certainly don’t want to waste time, energy, and resources on a case you have no chance of winning.

Additionally, we provide full-service repair and replacement estimates. When looking for help with construction estimating (which is vital in insurance litigation) you can engage a general contractor, an estimator, or a public adjuster. Most general contractors are busy (especially in today’s dynamic market). They do estimate as a “side gig” – when business is slow. They simply don’t have the expertise that comes with regularly providing this service. Our public adjusters calculate estimates every day – this is the heart and soul of our business. Our experience in this area is truly unmatched.

Additionally, both general contractors and estimators come in, inspect the damage and provide the cost to repair or replace. They do not review insurance policies or declaration pages. As public adjusters, we do. We understand the coverage available, and estimates are written with that information in mind. They are reasonable and accurate. Our work is not created as a basis for negotiation – it is a tool to settle claims.

Best Choice for Litigation Support

For decades our litigation and support professionals have worked closely with first part attorneys across the state of Florida. Of course, we understand what they need to help their clients and provide them with the highest quality, responsive and reliable service.

Managing the legal process is your specialty – and the reason your clients reached out to you. Litigation support is ours – we are ready to help you better serve your clients and get them the settlements they need and deserve.