Attorneys are often approached directly by first-party insureds to assist them with obtaining fair settlements for property damages to their homes or business. Florida’s Best Public Adjusters litigation support and insurance loss consultants are highly experienced in providing critical case materials and justifications that allow the legal council to succeed.

As Public Adjusters, we deal with property damage claims day in and out. We have seen it all! As a firm with more than 20,000 claims under its belt, we understand how to scope, write, and present a proper estimate to settle a claim or to win in court.

Our Litigation Support Process Explained

You may find a simplified listing of our support process as well as accompanying information on our about page. That being said, let’s dive right into the process!

1 – Scheduling the Inspection

It starts with your staff uploading the assignment and complete details into our online portal. After you complete and submit the assignment our office immediately notifies you that we have received it. The same day we receive the assignment, we will reach out to the insured to introduce ourselves as your vendor and set a time to inspect. Time really is of the essence when it comes to litigation and that is why many firms—including our own, stress the importance of doing an evaluation as quickly as possible so the litigation process can move along quickly.

2 – We Visit the Property

We agree to inspect the loss within 3 business days assuming the insured provides access. If you have not provided us with the declaration page, denial, or partial paid letter and other claim documents we will try to obtain them as “gently” as possible from the insured. At no time will we discuss the merits, timing, value of the estimate, etc with the insured. We simply guide the insured back to you for answers. The most we will say is that we will send our work product to your attorney in about a week.

3 – Measuring the Property

We sketch to scale all affected areas and mark damages seen.

4 – Create Detailed Scope Notes

Our credentialed adjusters pride themselves on the detail and quality of their notes. This is truly where we have the edge. The level of experience our experts possess allows them to zero in on the most important details.

5 – Photograph the Property

In conjunction with our detailed scope notes, we take photos of the damage to highlight the damaged areas. Written evaluations are important, it is good visuals that drive the point home for maximum success and credibility. “A picture says a thousand words.”

6 – Produce an Xactimate Estimate Report

All of our hard work and surveying culminate in a concise Xactimate report which will feature all of our findings and evaluations in the ESX and PDF files. This information is sequenced for clarity and can be referenced easily for all associated parties so that the information is readily obtained from the report.

Our estimate follows in the same order as our notes and photographs and each line item is numbered.

Our Service Commitment

Our litigation support services division is committed to our concise evaluations and quick turnaround times.

Assuming we can inspect the loss by the third business day following receipt of the assignment, we will produce all work by the 10th straight day after the said assignment was received.

Property Damage Litigation Support Florida

Water damage, storm damage, roof leaks, smoke, and fire damage, as well as many other types of unfortunate environmental factors, are our areas of expertise. Getting the settlement your client deserves depends on both the ability of an attorney or legal professional to represent the case and the breadth and quality of information they have to do it.

Florida Best Public Adjuster’s litigation support and insurance loss consultants know that the success of your case hinges on prompt service and informed data.

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