Just like us, attorneys want to do the best they can for their client’s needs. It is no secret that legal professionals keep very busy with multiple caseloads and an ample amount of time invested in each case, it is easily a career that exceeds your typical 40-45 hours a week. It is for this reason that litigation support professionals have become increasingly relevant in a field that is strapped for labor and time. Florida’s Best Public Adjusters litigation support professionals have helped attorneys in many different facets of case preparation and more. Here are 5 ways we believe litigation support aids attorneys in their work.

1 – Preparing Data and all Related Case Files

Our adjusters use Xactimate 28 to prepare case documents. Modern litigation, like many paperwork oriented fields, is transitioning into digital as much as possible. File management requires sharp organizational skills and an understanding to know what is important to know and what is not. Additionally, how information is laid out is a skill in and of itself. Our adjusters understand keenly what information legal professionals wish to quickly have access to

2 – It Speeds the Process Up

At Florida Best Public Adjuster’s Litigation Support, our service commitment is handled in a timely fashion. 95% of the time we can turn an assignment around in 10 days or less from the date of assignment to the delivery of documents. Do not mistake this haste with cutting corners, though! We peer review all of our work before the attorney receives the estimates. In the uncommon event that edits are required of our work, we humbly do so at no charge.

3—Our Public Adjusters Provide Concise Appraisal Expertise

Attorneys must be knowledgable about many things even when taking specialization into consideration. However, an attorney is generally involved in a case because of a need for litigation—which in layman’s terms means legal action. If a home owner’s insurance company is not playing nice, getting a lawyer involved may be necessary. Public adjusters are experts at creating estimates of what a loss should be compensated with. PA’s have invaluable experience on the “frontlines” of insurance claims, and so their estimates are constantly being refined and kept up to date with casework.

4—Litigation Support Professionals Can Save Your Firm Money

Dollar for dollar, it is more efficient to hire litigation support professionals to handle the administrative functions of a case than it is to hand it over to paralegals or inexperienced staffers. While we admire any firm that takes time to show newcomers the ropes, the purpose of litigation support for cases revolving around insurance claims is to refer to outside help for the best estimates in a comprehensive package.

Doing this process in-house can be more expensive as nobody is more suited to providing quick and accurate estimates than public adjusters are. The time you save referring this process to litigation support professionals can be relegated to more important tasks netting greater productivity for your firm.

5—Reducing Stress and Burnout

Law is a fast-paced field with many hurdles to jump. Whether it is a depression, recession, or economic boom, you can guarantee one constant: legal defense is always a necessary service. As a result, attorneys are incredibly busy. Handling cases on a macro level is what they do best, and so having litigation support professionals research and provide the best information in a neat package can go a long way in reducing work burden, thus stress.

Litigation Support and Appraisal Services Florida

Florida’s Best Public Adjusters offers unparalleled litigation support and appraisal services. Additionally, we are available to discuss pre-litigation claims. To quote Sun Tzu in The Art of War, every battle is won before it is ever fought. The only question is who will win it? Claims that are in the pre-litigation phase are something that we can provide counsel on. Some unlikely claims can be won over while others should simply not be undertaken.

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