Port Charlotte Litigation & Appraisal Support Services

Litigation And Appraisal Support Services Port Charlotte, Florida

We are the top-rated Port Charlotte Litigation & Appraisal Support Services. Get in contact with us if you’re an attorney in need of expert witness testimony or an appraisal for a case. The Port Charlotte community suffered extensive property damage during Hurricane Ian, and we’re here to help your law firm.

The Highest Rated Litigation and Appraisal Support

Our expert public adjusters will put together the necessary paperwork and data to make a litigation support package to help your lawyers with claims disputes. Let your employees learn from our expertise.

Florida’s Best Public Adjusters provides litigation support and appraisal services that assess the following and more:

  • Water damage
  • Roof leaks
  • Damage caused by a hurricane
  • Mold damage, smoke damage, and other types of damage.

Litigation and Appraisal Support in Port Charlotte

Our public adjusters give lawyers accurate estimates of how much it will cost to get their clients’ homes back to the way they were before the disaster. Hiring knowledgeable public adjusters, like Florida’s Best Public Adjusters, makes sure that all loss information is accurate and complete when you are representing your client. This makes it easier to settle the claim.

At Florida’s Best Public Adjusters, we have the experience you need to help you in court and with appraisals. Contact Florida’s Best Public Adjusters if you need help with a lawsuit or a property appraisal for one of your clients.

Port Charlotte for Litigation and Appraisal

We use the most recent version of Xactimate to make our estimates. The estimates come with a variety of supporting materials, such as an ESX and PDF file, a textual annotation, and a number of photographs that are numbered in order. The estimate is set up just like the photos and scope notes. As the best public adjusters in Florida, we’re ready to handle any inspections that need to be done on-site. With the help of Xactimate, we can provide the best legal support and the most accurate paperwork for property loss.

We’ll call your clients the same day we get your request, and our adjuster will come to the property when your clients are free. We’ll go to your client’s home within three business days of getting the job, and you’ll have our final result within 10 days.

Litigation Support and Adjustment Estimators in Port Charlotte

The estimates given by Florida’s Best Public Adjusters are often thought to be the most accurate in the state. We already work with Florida-based lawyers who specialize in first-party property damage cases and are known for their great service and great value. Our loss consultant and litigation support staff work with your law firm as independent cost estimators. If needed, our insurance claim and dispute consulting team is ready to testify, and Stephen Lippy has been recognized as an expert in court.

Law Firms in Port Charlotte Want Quick and Accurate Scoping and Pricing Assistance

One of the benefits of working with us is that we give estimates that are accurate and on time. Our licensed public adjusters, who are located all over the state, will quickly and accurately scope even the biggest properties. Our Public Adjusters have worked with lawyers like you for years, and we’re proud to do outstanding work in a timely manner.