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Case Outcomes Rest on Choosing an Experienced Appraiser

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The best way for legal professionals to manage their time and introduce more efficiency into their workflow is to outsource their litigation and appraisal needs to a qualified party that can offer quick turnaround and excellent work. The accuracy of an appraiser’s valuation is a critical aspect of any case regarding property damage such as

What is Our Litigation Support Process?

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Attorneys are often approached directly by first-party insureds to assist them with obtaining fair settlements for property damages to their homes or business. Florida’s Best Public Adjusters litigation support and insurance loss consultants are highly experienced in providing critical case materials and justifications that allow the legal council to succeed. As Public Adjusters, we deal

Appraisal Process Review

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Our firm, Florida’s Best Public Adjusters, handles multiple appraisal process requests from law firms weekly between the Florida Keys to Tampa over to Jacksonville and back down to Miami. By completing this form, you will either give us permission to act as your client’s appraiser as hired by you, or you will direct us to contract the

5 Ways Litigation Support Helps Attorneys

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Just like us, attorneys want to do the best they can for their client’s needs. It is no secret that legal professionals keep very busy with multiple caseloads and an ample amount of time invested in each case, it is easily a career that exceeds your typical 40-45 hours a week. It is for this

Top Issues Lawyers Face in the Workplace

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Law is a profession that sees its fair share of glamor in courtroom dramas and crime shows. However, ask any lawyer and they’ll tell you that the reality is far from the dramatization. While working as a legal professional can be an incredibly rewarding role, there are many common issues that lawyers report as being

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